LifePower's corporate firewalks will help transform
your business or organizational goals into results

Our dynamic, experiential workshops feature powerful, results-producing breakthrough activities. In unforgettable ways, your executives and employees will discover how empowered goalsetting, combined with directed, focused attention, turns the seemingly impossible into the inevitable.

They'll take back power lost to doubt and fear and turn limitations into freedom.

They'll discover what's been stopping them from realizing their goals, and how to stay on target more of the time.

They'll learn to use the "goal beyond the goal" to access high-level motivation and success.

They'll take teamwork, support and cooperation to a new level and astonish themselves with what they can achieve as they let go of limiting beliefs, and ( a bonus! ) all this comes in a exciting evening or day of high energy and adventure.

They'll come away with a clear message: Our ideas of limitation are self-imposed. The workshop's dramatic activities, whether experienced or witnessed, leave no room for doubt.

They'll receive an infusion of confidence and new reference points for meeting challenges, and they'll be provided with simple, effective tools for managing their focus and accomplishing the "impossible."

The theme, content and activities of the workshop can be customized to accommodate your specific objectives.

Please contact us to discuss how we may assist your company or organization.